Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen: A Comprehensive Overview from a UPSC Perspective Explore the world of Green Hydrogen through the lens of UPSC with this in-depth article. Gain …

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI) is a critical performance metric used to evaluate the effectiveness of an investment or to make comparisons between different investment opportunities. …

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Top 10 Most Tradable Currencies

The foreign exchange (forex) market stands as the largest financial market globally, serving as the arena where currencies from different nations are traded against one …

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Urbanization: Cause and Effect

Urbanization is a phenomenon that accompanies the ongoing progress of societies, drawing many individuals from rural areas into burgeoning urban centers. This expansion of cities …

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World War I and The Great Depression

World War I’s economic fallout and the punitive Treaty of Versailles contributed to the Great Depression of 1929. The stock market crash, bank failures, and global interconnectedness triggered the Great Depression, impacting economies worldwide with widespread unemployment and economic hardship, while protectionist policies and declining trade exacerbated the crisis.

World Bank: A Brief Introduction

World Bank Introduction In a world where financial stability and international cooperation are paramount, the World Bank stands as a beacon of hope. Established to …

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